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Bill Yeates – artist, drawing and painting teacher

As a painter, everything interests me.

The sturdy grace of a traditional Breton fishing boat
The light flooding into a tiny Norman chapel in Central France
The hint of a monsoon storm at a surf break in Lombok

Water colour is in my DNA – a gift from my dad who was a fine amateur painter. I also work in pencil, oils and acrylics.

Learn to draw online or face to face

If you’d like kind, expert tuition to draw confidently and skilfully after six weeks, I can help.

I offer structured sessions based on observation and practice.
Simple steps that work for novices and experienced artists wanting to improve their technique.

Try the five volumes exercise. If you enjoy it and would like to do more, let me know.

Blogs About Art and Teaching

Hospitals – a ‘break’ in more ways than one

Hospitals – a ‘break’ in more ways than one

  Here’s a quick study in oils of the surf break I’ve always known as ‘Hospitals,’ at Yallingup. Although it has other names, ‘Hospitals’ seems reasonable given its proximity to the rocks. It needs a sizable swell to be ridable and better surfers than I have...

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The red coffee van at Yallingup Beach

The red coffee van at Yallingup Beach

The red coffee van at Yallingup Beach This watercolour is a view of the famous Pronto Cino coffee van at the south end of  Yallingup,  a legendary Western Australian surf spot. Out the back of the reef at main break, a glimpse of  the red van arriving in the Slippery...

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Still life of a pear painted in ‘flow’

Still life of a pear painted in ‘flow’

The Pear - what happens when you paint in ‘flow’ Sometimes work we love seems to happen effortlessly. This pear is that kind of work. I had just finished a series of large oil paintings that blurred the sensuous lines between fruit and human form. Using the last of...

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