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This is the first of my series of `How-to Draw` videos.

The 5 volume method is an established, effective approach to drawing and painting. Many artists have used it including some of the Impressionists.

What are the 5 volumes?

The 5 volumes are: a cube, a sphere, a cylinder, a pyramid and a cone.

You can draw any subject, actual or imagined using these volumes or a combination of them.

How do they help you draw?

The 5 volumes allow you to make a three-dimensional subject appear that way on a two-dimensional surface. They also help you to draw to scale and in perspective.

It helps if you think of them as ‘volumes’ not ‘shapes’


Over to you

Have a go. You’ll be joining legions of novice and experienced artists who’ve learned to draw or have improved their drawing this way.

All you need is enthusiasm, good observation and practice.

Replay the video if something isn’t clear.

How did you go?

I’d love to hear so please feel free to comment here or on YouTube.

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